HeroWork is a charity that transforms other charities by renovating their buildings through BIG community events they call Radical Renovations. These events are like a modern-day barn raising with dozens of companies and hundreds of volunteers coming together to complete a project at a fraction of time and costs. It’s an amazing experience for all involved and the impact on the charity and the people they serve is profound, rippling out for many years.

HeroWork’s current project is for the Surrey Urban Mission Society in the heart of Whalley. Their transitional shelter, called the “Cove,” houses 42 people, providing hot showers, laundry, meals, overdose prevention, and community connection services. But it needs a transformation to better serve the people who live there. Here is a link to a webpage with a heartfelt video that explains why this project is so important. The core of the project, however, is about bringing an environment of home and connection (as well as more programming) to people living there, who are working to rebuild their lives as they transition into recovery and permanent housing.


The project is from Sept 20th to Oct 4th. While there are shifts for most weekdays, the primary groups will come on the weekends of Sept 23-24 and Sept 30-Oct 1.

List of items to help:


  • A few pro painters to help with interior painting
  • Couple of plumbers
    • Remove 2 sinks (one with small vanity) and a toilet on the morning of Friday Sept 22th and then reinstall the unites on Sept 24 Sunday
  • Carpenters and apprentices
  • Two people who have experience installing reinforced fibreglass panels onto wall needed for Saturday Sept 23
  • Lots of non-trade groups and volunteers, both weekends and weekdays. Groups can be configured for companies; individuals can sign up on the volunteer portal via the webpage.
  • A person with flooring experience that can install vinyl floor tile on Saturday Sept 23 as well as some cove base (this is only a ½ day’s work)


  • 1 toilet – one has a crack and could be replaced
  • Small vanity – this is not critical, but the current vanity is in poor shape
  • Bamboo, soil, road base, plants
  • Trucking – we will need to have the road base and soil delivered
  • Crane for an hour – one sea can rotated and moved about 20 feet

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