From the September 1, 2023, edition of Conversations That Matter.

“We’re in trouble!” says Chris Gardner.

“Big trouble and it’s going to get worse, much worse.” The President of the Independent Contractors Association says, “The Prime Minister and Minister of Finance work in a building 4,427 kilometres from Surrey.” He says, “They’re even further away than that from understanding the challenges facing construction contractors, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and everyday Canadians.”

Gardner makes four compelling arguments: “First – health care is a disaster. Second – our rail, port and road infrastructure has failed to keep pace with growth. Third – we are in the middle of an unprecedented housing affordability challenge. And finally – public safety is at an all-time low and sinking.” His assertions are on the heels of projections from the OECD, which states that Canada is ranked dead last among 38 advanced economies.

Gardner contends, “For Canadians looking to Ottawa to unleash the potential of entrepreneurs, investors, businesspeople, and young workers dreaming about the opportunities the future holds, it’s difficult not to conclude that Ottawa is fighting against them.”

We invited Chris Gardner to join us for a Conversation That Matters about the mess Canada is in, how our international reputation has tanked, and the harsh truth behind how we got here.