Our Jordan Bateman gives you the heads-up on LNG proposals, small business loans, and apprentice numbers. For links to sources, visit www.icbaindependent.ca.

⚡️ It’s time government got out of the way and let Indigenous-owned LNG plants like the Haisla Nation’s Cedar and Nisga’a’s Ksi Lisims (pronounced S’LISIMS) proceed. Cedar is a bit further ahead in the process, as it has the environmental assessment certificate that Ksi Lisims has just applied for.

🏬 Alberta’s Danielle Smith and B.C.’s David Eby joined every other premier in the country, signing a letter asking the federal government to extend the time small businesses have to pay back their Canada Emergency Business Account loans. Right now, they’re due January 18.

🚜 And Supply Post has picked up on the success of ICBA’s apprenticeship program, reporting our news that ICBA is now the #1 sponsor of Indigenous apprentices in B.C. In all categories in B.C., ICBA’s total of 1,584 trades apprentices nearly doubles the second largest sponsor’s 890, and more than triples third place’s 508. And those are just the apprentices sponsored directly by ICBA – open shop contractors sponsor more than 80% of all apprentices in the province.