A few pieces in case you missed them:

Mental Wellness Key for Construction (BIV)
…Langley’s Orion Construction Corp. is enrolled in ICBA’s benefit program, with the mental health offerings being of particular interest for its staff of 62. “What I really like is they’ve expanded the mental health portfolio of offerings,” Orion president Josh Gaglardi said. “In construction, specifically, mental health is not as well profiled as it should be. It’s characteristically a rough-tough industry and I think there’s a long way to go.”
Read the full piece at: https://biv.com/article/2023/11/mental-wellness-key-construction-industry-fall-deepens-and-cost-caring-rises 

Time to Unleash the Private Sector (JOC)
…Gardner’s call to “unleash the private sector” reverberated in the discussion, particularly when addressing the housing crisis in British Columbia. He expressed concerns about the reduced number of homes slated to be built in B.C. this year. “Why can’t we move the needle on supply? The answer is partly finger-pointing on all levels of government – city hall, the province, Ottawa – all those governments have to understand that we all have to work together. We have to work together with the private sector to build more supply. If we don’t build more supply, we are not going to put a dent in affordable housing. It’s as simple as that.”
Read the full piece at: https://canada.constructconnect.com/joc/news/economic/2023/11/time-to-unleash-the-private-sector-gardner-highlights-during-industry-outlook-panel

ICBA continues call for justice in unsolved Coastal GasLink camp attack (JOC)
…“We feel badly for the workers who were terrorized in this unprovoked, frightening attack, and that nearly two years later, no one has been brought to justice,” says Jordan Bateman, vice-president of communications and marketing with the ICBA. “Everyone deserves the right to a safe workplace, and these workers lost that confidence on that cold night in February 2022. ICBA remains committed to helping the RCMP however we can, advocating for the completion of the investigation, and encouraging police and Crown prosecutors to bring charges against those responsible.”
Read the full piece at: https://canada.constructconnect.com/joc/news/associations/2023/11/icba-continues-call-for-justice-in-unsolved-coastal-gaslink-camp-attack