Our Jordan Bateman gives you the heads-up on new inflation number, new construction numbers, and an old political trick that just delays the inevitable.
📈 The latest inflation numbers are out, and the Consumer Price Index slowed to 3.1% in October – down from 3.8% last month. Desjardins thinks this likely closes the door on future interest rate hikes, especially in light of a Bank of Montreal analysis showing mortgage interest costs are now the leading driver of inflation in Canada.
🏗 The latest construction numbers are out from Statistics Canada. In September 2023, Canada saw a notable uptick in investment in building construction, which increased by 5.3% to reach $18.9 billion. This growth was led by the residential sector, which rose by 7.3% to $12.9 billion. But Alberta and B.C. had contrasting trends…
♻️ After a big loss to the Trudeau Government yesterday, when the Federal Court of Canada struck down their 2022 plastics ban, Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault announced the feds would appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.