Feels like only yesterday, I was downloading software patches so my computer wouldn’t blow up on January 1, 2000.

Suddenly, in a blink of an eye, it’s January 2024!

Time flies. That rapid passage of time isn’t just a feeling; it’s connected to our mental health. As we age, our perception of time seems to speed up, with weeks and months slipping by in a blur.

This swift passage of time can sometimes leave us feeling anxious or melancholic. We might worry about not achieving our goals fast enough or feel nostalgic for times gone by. It’s like we’re constantly racing against a clock. I suppose this can lead to a sense of urgency, pushing us to make the most of every moment, which isn’t entirely bad. But it’s important to balance this with mindfulness, to slow down and savour the present.

Mental health is significantly impacted by how we perceive and manage time. If we’re always chasing the next big thing, we might miss the small joys of the here and now. It’s crucial we find the sweet spot where we both plan for the future, but also live fully in the present.

If you’re struggling, it’s okay. Keep talking, keep connecting with help, and keep working at it. Time flies, but it can also heal some wounds – if we are committed to opening up and addressing our mental health.

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