Kerry and Jordan have a snow day Skype to talk about ICBA Training’s latest featured course.

Understanding Brain Circuitry: Breaking the Stigma in Construction
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Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2024 | 11AM to 12:30PM
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Regular maintenance for our operating systems, such as our heart, digestion (fuel), and circulation (cooling) system, comes from exercise, good nutrition, and rest.  When body mechanics, such as our shoulders, knees, and lower backs are stiff or painful, we seek relief, even repairs, to regain personal productivity.

So why is it, that when there is a short in our electrical circuitry that powers all these sources, we do not dedicate the same attention or effort to the maintenance or quick repairs we do for the rest of our body?

The answer:  Stigma!

In this 90-minute interactive workshop tailored for the construction industry, participants will draw parallels between regular maintenance for the body and the critical, yet often overlooked, maintenance of brain circuitry. Addressing the impact of stigma on mental health, we’ll explore factors influencing brain circuitry, identify our place on the continuum of brain function, and understand the consequences of stigma on overall well-being.