Our Jordan Bateman gives you the heads-up on LNG talks in PG, Rachel Notley exiting stage left, and yet another difference between Canadians and Americans.

📈 Prince George was the place to be this week, as the BC Natural Resources Forum drew 1,200 industry leaders, politicians, bureaucrats, and experts to talk energy trends, opportunities and challenges. With LNG Canada drawing ever closer to completion, Petronas VP Bryan Cox said natural gas is poised to become B.C.’s single most valuable export. Meanwhile, First Nations LNG Alliance CEO Karen Ogen told about her trip to smoggy China, and how it reinforced the environmental value of switching coal plants to projects like Haisla Nation’s Cedar LNG.

👋 Former Alberta Premier Rachel Notley announced she is leaving as Alberta NDP leader.

💰 Canadians are grappling with “mortgage payment shock” in a way our American neighbours aren’t, says RBC CEO David McKay. This will keep the two countries’ economies on very different paths: Canadian consumers with far less disposable income, and Americans still seeing retail sales grow. The big difference: Americans can access 30-year fixed mortgages, while Canadians renew terms every five years (or less).