The sun was out last weekend in southwestern B.C. – one of those incredible days where all the extra money we spend to live here (on taxes, on housing, and on taxes on housing) just suddenly feels worth it. It was warm and so many people seemed more upbeat, after months and months of rain.

Healthline says that’s no coincidence. “Long, bright days can energize you… Warm, sunny weather may affect brainpower by boosting your memory, helping you feel more open to new information, and improving inattentiveness.”

But it’s not all good: “Evidence suggests people are more likely to attempt suicide in the spring and early summer than any other season. Researchers don’t know exactly why this pattern occurs, although they have a few theories, including more sunlight exposure and solar radiation causing a shift in neurotransmitter levels; rapidly rising temperatures triggering a mood episode; [or] high pollen counts causing inflammation in the brain.”

So add another external factor to your mental health checks: weather.

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