Summer is here and (after months and months of B.C. rain) it’s glorious. But it can also make sleeping and being comfortable difficult. So let’s throw out a few tips to making it through a heat wave.

Air conditioning is a start – if you don’t have one, find public places where you can go and cool down. If you have a downstairs/basement, hang out there. But if not, here are four other ways MedicineNet suggests to beat the heat:

🚿 Water is your best friend: Fill buckets or basins and soak your feet. Wet towels and bandannas can have a cooling effect when worn on the shoulders or head. Take cool showers or baths, and consider using a spray bottle filled with cold water for refreshing spritzes throughout the day.

💧 Drink it too: Consume more water – and replace electrolytes if you’re sweating.

❄️ MacGyver yourself homemade “air conditioning” system: Sit in the path of a box fan that is aimed at an open cooler, or pan filled with ice.

🍳 Eliminate extra sources of heat. Incandescent light bulbs can generate unnecessary heat, as can computers or appliances left running. Eat fresh foods that do not require you to use the oven or stove to prepare.

Hang in there!

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