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BC Budget – infrastructure builds jobs


The newly re-elected Christy Clark government brought down its Budget 2.0 this week – a slightly revised version of the fiscal plan laid out back in February.

When it comes to construction and the provincial economy the updated budget lays out a careful path that should help keep both the sector and the province growing.

The government has to be congratulated for maintaining government and Crown Corporation capital spending over the next three years. The budget calls for $6.3 billion in spending in both 2013/14 and 2014/15 and then $6 billion in the following fiscal year.

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Union transparency delayed by Senate spat


Bill C-377 – the Private Member’s Bill that aims to bring transparency to the taxpayer-supported finances of organized labour – got caught in the crossfire in the Canadian Senate.

Though the Bill was passed by the Senate, it was heavily amended so that the requirements to disclose salaries and expenditures would apply to a very small number of unions. Our intelligence out of Ottawa is that the amendments were foisted on the bill not because of the bill itself, but because of totally unrelated political disputes taking place.

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ICBA member profiled in BIV


ICBA member Wales McLelland Construction was recognized for its innovative approach to technology in a story in Business in Vancouver recently.

The company made the Top 100 private companies report in the paper for the project management system it’s been developing that uses technology to help site superintendents and supervisors track a project’s progress – and keep clients up to speed as well.

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This dinner’s a safe bet

Safety Engineers

Construction Safety Professionals have the chance to catch up with their colleagues and check out some exhibits at the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering Lower Mainland Chapter’s special dinner meeting on July 11.

The CSSE and the BC Construction Safety Alliance have partnered on the dinner to offer up a special discount price of $20 – less than half the normal $45 fee.

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ICBA Benefit Services Presents Financial Fitness Executive Series

BSL Financial Fitness

Company executives and senior managers should always be looking for ways to boost their corporate and personal investments. That’s why ICBA Benefit Services Ltd. is launching a new Financial Fitness Executive Series.

Session 1, slated for July 11, is on Cash Management for Personal and Corporate Accounts. This networking wine and cheese and short presentation will at the best conservative investment options in today’s low interest rate environment.

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Union transparency backed by BC Government

Sun Logo

The B.C. government has come down on the side of openness and transparency by backing Bill C-377.

The Vancouver Sun just reported that a letter from Finance Minister Mike de Jong went to the Senate last week laying out B.C.’s position on the Private Member’s Bill that would require unions to practice the kind of financial transparency already required of charities.

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Training Tuesday – Cumulative Impact of Change Orders


Frequently, change orders cause a significant disruption to a construction project. The disruptions cause changes in the planned schedule and increase costs through rework and decreased labor efficiency for the contractor. Productivity and profit will suffer from this loss in labor efficiency. Owners have the right to initiate changes on their project after the contract has been signed.

The difficulty arising from change orders is determining an equitable adjustment for the parties involved. Contractors need to be compensated for impacts that the change-directed work have on their estimated baseline efficiency. Owners believe that the additional costs of the changes should be minimal due to the similar nature of the work.

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