BCCSA_Logo_RGBThe BC Construction Safety Alliance is giving construction companies a safety head’s up after an explosion on a Saanich jobsite after a propane tank being stored with a barbecue inside a construction container somehow ignited. It was the second explosion in recent months related to stored flammable materials on a construction worksite.

In January of this year there was an explosion on a Vancouver construction site related to a pressurized flammable container. In that case, a ‘job-box’ exploded at a downtown Vancouver construction  after the crew decided to use a grinder to cut the inexpensive and replaceable lock off the box. Unbeknown to them, the box contained hoses for a ‘Tiger-Torch’ and a small propane tank, the valve of which had not been completely closed.

You can read the BCCSA’s news release put out after the second explosion here. This Hazard Alert issued in January offers some valuable  tips on avoiding jobsite explosions.