Are you familiar with the principles of Lean Construction? We can help!

The application of Lean Construction principles within the industry has gained considerable traction over the last decade due to the need for productivity gains and shortened lead times.

The challenge is that traditional Lean is centered around manufacturing environments, making some tools ineffective in the construction arena. In this session, learn a simple and practical approach to implementing the Lean concepts within construction to boost productivity, shorten lead times, and heighten customer value.

In this fun and interactive full-day workshop, participants will be introduced to key Lean tools:

  • The 8 types of waste negatively impacting cost, lead time, and quality
  • How to use Value Stream Maps to identify where waste is
  • The 5S system for maintaining a safe and organized work environment
  • The Last Planner® System for heightened collaboration and effective work plans
  • The Plan, Do, Check, Act system for problem solving

Plus you’ll earn 1 Gold Seal Credit and 7.5 Group A CPD Points from BC Housing! Our next session takes place May 2 in Victoria, and July 24 in Burnaby. Register for this or any of our upcoming workshops at

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