In 2017, the BC Building Code added the BC Energy Step Code in an effort to increase energy efficiency requirements and map the transition to Net Zero Energy Ready buildings in our province over the next 15 years. The code is voluntary but our training department wants to help you better understand it!

They invite you to register now for our The Energy Step Code: What Energy Modelling will mean for Designers, Builders, and Trades in BC breakfast session in Burnaby on January 26. You can also earn 2 Group A CPD Points from BC Housing! 

This performance standard requires energy modelling and an air tightness test on all buildings, and removes many of the specific requirements for efficiency of products and equipment. This approach increases flexibility for projects but also requires greater coordination between project teams. 

This presentation will provide:

  • An overview of the new requirements 
  • Guidance for designers, builders, and trades to take advantage of the flexibility of the Energy Step Code, including research on the specific costs and design changes from the Energy Step Code
  • Update on how local governments will be using the Energy Step Code in bylaws and policies, including a standardized inspection checklist.

More information and resources related to the Energy Step Code are available at

To register, visit Have some questions? Email the training team at or give us a call a 604-298-7795.