Common GroundOur friends at the BC Common Ground Alliance are looking for your information on near misses and hits.

The organization collects data on underground facility damage so it can be analyzed, offer lessons on  why events occur, and help determine what actions by industry can prevent them in the future.

BCCGA uses a system called BC Virtual Private DIRT (that stands for Damage Information Reporting Tool) which allows them to identify root causes, perform trend analyses, and ultimately help educate all stakeholders so that damages can be reduced through more effective practices and procedures.

They’re creating their second annual DIRT Report, which is the only comprehensive statistical analysis of damage and near miss events involving underground infrastructure in the province. This information is used by safety organizations, regulators, municipalities, infrastructure owners and the excavation community, to better target safety initiative to the areas where they are most needed.

But the report needs utility owners and excavators to report their damage and near miss events. Reporting is easy and anonymous, and all it takes is a call to the BCCGA at 604-568-2700. They’ll do what the can to make reporting effortless.

More information on DIRT is available here.