It’s pretty rich to read that Mayor Gregor Robertson is complaining about inaction on Vancouver’s housing affordability from every level of government but his own (Government To Blame For Middle Class Being Shut Out Of Vancouver Home Market, Mayor Says – Sept. 30).

Sure, senior governments have a role to play. But we see little to no concern on the city’s part with the bloated regulatory costs it unnecessarily tacks onto the price of housing. Those costs come in at more than $37,000 per housing unit in Vancouver – one of the highest levels anywhere in the region – and a typical residential project approval requires more than 15 months.

These are significant affordability barriers, and in our view responsibility for them lies squarely on Mr. Robertson’s shoulders. Instead, he seems to want to deflect. And while that’s a classic political strategy, it rarely brings us any closer to real solutions on difficult issues.

Philip Hochstein, president, Independent Contractors and Businesses Association, Vancouver