Last week, the ICBA was a co-sponsor of the Open Shop Leaders Forum in Whistler, where various companies and open shop advocacy groups gathered to talk about the state of the construction industry. The Journal of Commerce reported on one of the sessions, a deep dive into the world of government relations. From their story:

“By understanding the decision-making process, you can identify opportunities to push for policy priorities,” he said.

Questions to ask, he said, include identifying if an issue is on the government’s radar and who is responsible for the final decision. It’s also important to keep the timeline for the decision in mind, he said, as well as who can influence the decision, both in government and in opposition.

“Pick and choose your spots,” Moors said. “The level of lobbying should match the priority of the issue. Policy development is often a game of give and take.

“Persistence pays off, follow up is crucial, and government’s slow pace has to be matched by an organization’s advocacy efforts,” he added.