The Trudeau Government is reviewing the National Energy Board and its expert panel has made several recommendations that will make it more difficult to get responsible resource development projects approved in western Canada.

We need every Canadian who is dedicated to #Get2Yes on job-creating projects to fill out a feedback form and tell the federal government to make things easier for energy projects, not harder. Our concerns with the panel’s report include:

  • The solution to bureaucracy and red tape is NOT more bureaucracy and red tape. We need energy projects to have simple, clear, quick approval processes.
  • The USA, Australia and other countries are leaving us behind in supplying energy to Asia because the NEB takes too long to make decisions. We need to simplify and speed up the process if we’re going to have any shot at competing internationally.
  • Much of the criticism of the NEB comes from people who want to stop all responsible resource development. We should not be surrendering or pandering to those who seek to put tens of thousands of Canadians out of work.
  • Fewer than 200 people were consulted about these changes. That’s not enough – and certainly over-represents those who hate energy projects.
  • All NEB operations must remain in the west, specifically Calgary, where the vast majority of energy projects reside.
  • Canadian companies are already the best in the world at responsibly developing natural resource industries. We’re adding more red tape for no gain.

To read ICBA’s full submission to the panel, click HERE. To read the full panel report, click HERE.

ACTION: Let the NEB Modernization Panel know what you think BEFORE June 14, 2017. Visit their website HERE. Feel free to copy and paste our bullet point concerns above.