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IN THE NEWS: ICBA President Chris Gardner Fears for LNG, Site C, Pipeline & Massey Jobs

The BC NDP and Green Party have struck a backroom deal to form a government in British Columbia. It’s terrible news for the thousands of B.C. families who rely on a paycheque for their work on the Site C Dam, Kinder Morgan pipeline, LNG industry, and the Massey Bridge replacement. John Horgan and Andrew Weaver are about to fire thousands of British Columbians. From Global News:


Robert in Vancouver

A lot of uninformed/misinformed people who voted NDP and Green will be so happy now.

But will they still be happy when their company closes down, moves out of province, cuts benefits/wages, or cuts back on staffing?

Will they still be happy when their taxes go up 25% and they have to pay tolls on every road and bridge in BC?

I suspect they will. After all, ignorance is bliss.

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