Did you know ICBA is the single-biggest sponsor of construction apprentices in B.C., with nearly 1,300?

ICBA prides itself on our incredible customer service, and nowhere is that more evident than in our apprenticeship team.

As part of our training department, our Senior Training & Apprenticeship Coordinator Ally Bodnar and Training & Apprenticeship Coordinator Desiree McGee work hard every day to ensure that apprentices and employers are supported.

“We want to make sure that apprentices have everything they need to successfully complete their apprenticeship,” Ally says, adding that her favourite part of her job is seeing people earn their journeyperson designation and go on to a rewarding career in the construction industry.

The program starts with an employer member contacting ICBA and asking us to sponsor an apprentice for them. We assist with the paperwork involved in setting up that sponsorship, and will then take on the regular tasks involved with reporting hours and certifications to the Industry Training Authority.

“We are a one-stop-shop for everything the apprentices and employers need,” Ally says. “We answer questions, offer a bursary to apprentices and help them get the other grants and bursaries that they are eligible for.”

Desiree is a new addition to our team, joining us earlier this month, but says she’s already enjoying working with apprentices and helping them on their road to certification as a journeyperson. Ally is a five-year veteran of ICBA, starting in reception and making her way to the training department.

Both of them would be happy to talk to you! Interested in learning more about how ICBA helps apprentices? Email us at apprenticeship@icba.ca.