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ICBA IN THE NEWS: The UN Gets Site C Wrong

It sounds dramatic and made all the papers today: A United Nations committee condemning Site C for harming indigenous people. But there are two facts that are conveniently ignored:

  1. BC Hydro’s record of consultation with First Nations has been so strong that provincial and federal have sided with BC Hydro on indigenous consultation. And ruled for them not once, not twice, but 14 times. That’s right: Site C indigenous opponents are 0-for-14 in court.
  2. As ICBA president Chris Gardner told the Globe and Mail: “It should not be lost on anyone” that the members of the UN committee that wrote the report represent countries that include Algeria, China, Pakistan, Russia and Turkey, “all countries with records on human rights that would not meet Canadian standards.”

At ICBA, we believe all levels of government – First Nations, Municipal, Provincial and Federal – should work in good faith to ‘Get to yes’ on job-creating, environmentally-responsible resource development projects. Just like we’ve done on Site C.  


Robert in Vancouver

We will never be left-wing-looney enough to appease the UN. A few years ago the UN did a study and said food security in Canada is worse than it is in 3rd world countries.

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