Does your job involve presenting to coworkers/clients or facilitating meetings? Check out our new Effective Presentations course!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to structure your presentations to tell a compelling and memorable story;
  • How to overcome feeling nervous;
  • How to anticipate and address questions and objections from your audience;
  • How to work with the crowd through effective facilitation techniques;
  • How to use effective presentation aids and materials.

The course includes group discussions and hands-on workshops; by the end of the seminar you’ll be comfortable speaking under pressure, organizing your thoughts quickly into an effective and compelling presentation, managing difficult questions, and ensuring your audience understands, and remembers, your key messages.

Interested in taking this course? The first session is in Kelowna in October; check out our upcoming course calendar for more information and to register at And while you’re there, make sure you subscribe to our bi-weekly training newsletter at!

Looking to offer this course at your office? We can do that too! Contact the training department at to discuss how ICBA can bring the trainer directly to you for this or any other course we offer.