No one wants an incident on their site, but when one does happen do you know how to investigate it? WorkSafeBC’s amendment to Bill 9 includes changes to requirements for employer incident investigations, and our training department wants to help you out!

Our upcoming Incident Investigations course on October 27 in Victoria will help participants understand the principles of incident investigations and the methods of ensuring a proper investigation is completed.

Here’s the course outline:

  • The regulatory requirements to investigate Accidents/Incidents
  • Why are we investigating Accidents/Incidents
  • Who makes a good investigator
  • How to gather evidence and information
  • How to photograph a scene
  • How to measure and diagram a scene
  • How to conduct interviews
  • What is the principle of Root Cause Analysis
  • Developing recommendations for prevention
  • Completing the Incident Report

Interested? Visit for more information and to register. Don’t forget; you don’t have to be a member of ICBA to register for any of our courses!

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