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FACT CHECK: Busting the Myths Around Site C

Tough times for the anti-Site C crowd. Ten days ago, they jumped out in front of the BC Utilities Commission’s report (without even taking the time to read and digest its 300 pages) and claimed victory.

But the Site C Dam must be built. And over the past ten days, we have seen the negative nellies’ arguments all fall by the wayside:

Every argument these professional protestors have lobbed against Site C has been debunked. Hopefully the NDP cabinet is smart enough to see through the anti-Site C lies.


Robert in Vancouver

It seems left wing people are almost incapable of connecting the dots. They come up with grand ideas to save the planet and give people free everything but don’t think of consequences, costs, how to pay for it, and other common sense issues. That’s what is going on with the NDP’s opposition to Site C. Hopefully, they will eventually realize the best option is to proceed with the project.


W C Bennett had a vision for BC not like the NDP.The wont last long hope so!!!!!!

D. Jerome Hauk

“Hopefully the NDP cabinet is smart enough…” That’s a huge hill hehind which to hide! Given our experience with the Governing NDs east of you, I would not hold my breath. Ideology rules their decision-making processes and has nothing to do with science, logic, or rational thought. That being said, I do hope the project is completed; Alberta will be looking for baseload electrical energy if the rush to “green” energy continues. You only have to look to Australia to see, in glorious detail, the mess that can happen here.

Fred Dick

I for one an IBEW local union 993 in Kamloops British Columbia Canada. Im also in favor of this project we need the work.Ive worked on a number of power dams in BC.Bennet Dam Mica Dam 7 mile Dam.Revelstoke dam.

Brian Doerksen

D. Jerome Hauk, you stole my thunder, but I will reiterate — Alberta would sure like to get ahead on their green foot print, so if we sell them a little hydro to help pay for the project it would help the ‘greens’, help any alleged over budget issues, maybe scale back on the coal fired co-gens in AB, make high wage employment for sure, damn NDers, just a little thinking and we’re moving forward.


How can clean abundant hydro electric power not be the absolute best kind of energy possible. Zero pollution … zero dead ???? birds. Once up and running, very economical. The NDP are against pretty much everything that makes sense. Who are the fools who vote them in?


Only makes sense to finish it keep hydro affordable. Please

Kelly Wilk

More power is a nessary for the future!!!

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