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TRAINING THURSDAY: Harassment in the workplace – Employer responsibilities (Breakfast Session)

The popular Harassment in the Workplace – Employer Responsibilities breakfast session is back! Our next session will take place on January 24 in Burnaby; don’t miss out!

The presenter will cover the following issues:

  • What is bullying and harassment and what are the risks?
  • What should an Employer do when faced with a potential bullying and harassment situation?
  • Employer’s duty to investigate
  • Workplace training
  • Disciplinary responses
  • Complaints made for improper reasons
  • Creation of policies
  • Access to information
  • Workplace training
  • Proactive steps to help protect the workplace

Participants will be provided with real life examples involving the above topics together with practical business-based solutions.  There will also be time for questions, so feel free to think about some real-life situations you may need some assistance with. You will also earn 2 Group A Continued Professional Development points from BC Housing.

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TRAINING THURSDAY: Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace

Happy New Year from the ICBA training department! 

We invite you to register now for our January 17 breakfast session in Burnaby, Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace – Employer Rights and Obligations.

With the prevalence of prescribed marijuana for medical reasons, employers need to be aware of their options. How do you deal with an employee in a safety-sensitive role who has a medical marijuana licence? Are they still allowed to perform their safety sensitive job? If an employee with a licence says they need to use their marijuana at the workplace, how is this addressed? Are employees with medical marijuana licences exempt from drug testing?

Here’s what will be covered:

  • Drug and Alcohol Policies
  • Testing for Drug and Alcohol Use
  • Consequences for Testing Positive
  • Pre-employment Situations
  • Impaired at Work Situations
  • Accommodation requirements for workers with drug and or alcohol addiction
  • Suggested wording on Medical Marijuana to update company policies.

You’ll also earn 1.5 Group A CPD Points from BC Housing! Check out this course and all of our upcoming workshops at, and subscribe to our newsletter at for the latest updates.

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OP/ED: Why Site C Matters to Kamloops

ICBA Communications Director Jordan Bateman cut a 90-second guest editorial for NL Radio in Kamloops Jan. 3 – and dug into why Site C matters for Kamloops residents.

Listen here: 

Full script:

It’s easy to think that big decisions like the Site C Dam project won’t have a major effect on you, your friends or your neighbours in Kamloops.

After all, Site C is nearly a thousand kilometres away from Riverside Park. How could a Fort St. John construction site possibly contribute to the prosperity of your community?

But for 89 families living in and around Kamloops, Site C is everything. 89 men and women from your city are part of the thousands working to build the dam. And the NDP’s decision to keep the project going was a huge relief to them.

That’s 89 families who can now count on up to 7 more years of high-paying, steady work at the dam. And more construction workers will be needed as the project progresses. A generation of apprentices will cut their teeth building Site C – becoming the backbone of the industry for decades to come.

Those 89 families aren’t the only beneficiaries in Kamloops. Keeping the project going saved us all from a 10 per cent Hydro rate hike. That’s a big chunk of change for the average family.

And the electricity that Site C will generate will be used by every business, every government office, every home for the next century.

Want a thriving tech economy in this province? We’ll need Site C’s clean power.

Want to make life more affordable? We’ll need Site C’s inexpensive power.

Want a good quality of life? We’ll need Site C’s reliable power.

Kamloops may be a thousand kilometers away from Site C, but the city is a big winner.

For NL Radio and the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association, I’m Jordan Bateman.