B.C. Prop Rep enthusiasts are hypocrites. In one breath, they claim their beloved prop rep will “make very vote count.” With the next breath, they claim no fringe parties could possibly get any power in B.C. because of the 5% threshold their systems require to get seats.

You can’t have it both ways, silly.

Unless, of course, you’re Vladimir Putin and his United Russia party, which gleefully exploits Russia’s prop rep electoral system to maintain power. Only 4 of 43 parties that ran candidates managed to get above the 5% threshold and actually “elect” members. In the 1995 election, an astounding 49% of prop rep votes didn’t really count, because they were for parties that got less than 5%.

Back to Putin. He’s become a master at leveraging those failed fringe candidates, adding them to his United Russia prop rep candidate lists and maintaining his hammerlock on power.

Yet another reason to Stop Prop Rep! www.icba.ca/stopproprep

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