Do you know how to recognize hazards in the workplace, and better yet, how to control them? Our Hazard Recognition and Control course on September 13 in Burnaby will give you the required knowledge to understand the principles of hazard recognition and control, as well as the methods used to ensure those hazards are identified and addressed. You’ll also take part in reviewing a number of hazard scenarios and learn how to develop procedures for mitigating the identified hazards.

Here’s what’s covered:

  • The regulatory requirements to identify and assess hazards.
  • Who may do a hazard assessment?
  • How to gather information regarding the hazards of a process?
  • How to conduct interviews with persons familiar with the process being assessed?
  • Developing appropriate conclusions and mitigating factors.
  • Completing the Hazard Assessment Form and develop Safe Work Procedures.

We pride ourselves on our relevant and engaging courses, and this one is no exception. Our instructor, Terry, never fails to impress participants with his knowledge. And, you’ll earn 7.5 Group A CPD Points for this course!

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