In ICBA’s submission to the BC Government Finance Committee, we recap the economic headwinds Canada is facing, and add in all the tax and red tape measures brought in by the NDP Government. It’s not good news for B.C.’s job creators:

Coming to grips with these – and other — foundational elements of Canadian economic competitiveness requires concerted focus by both provincial and federal governments. Regrettably, the BC government has embarked on a path which does little to help build a more robust, resilient, and long-term competitive provincial economic policy framework.

Over the course of its first year in office, the provincial government has undertaken many policy measures which will make business investment and long-term job creation more challenging. While putatively focusing on addressing “affordability”, the government has paradoxically pursued an array of measures which raise revenues through business and personal tax increases making life less affordable and BC less attractive for investment and talented workers.

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