To all ICBA Members,

Today, millions of ballots are being put in the mail to ask British Columbians to change the way we elect our provincial government.

The NDP and Green Party want to move to a form of proportional representation, a system of government that has been proved in Europe to slow economic growth, bloat the size of government bureaucracy, and encourage the rise of extremist fringe parties.

After much consideration and study, ICBA has concluded that the current system of electing governments, “First-Past-The-Post” is the best one for creating the economic conditions that keep construction companies working.

We have developed this PDF, describing the choices on the mail-in ballot, and why we believe the current system must be saved. Many of our member companies and clients are distributing this to their staff, posting them in lunch rooms, and encouraging their workers to vote against proportional representation.

We ask that your company consider doing the same. This is too important an issue for the construction community to ignore.

Please read the flyer and decide for yourself. Thank you.

Chris Gardner
ICBA President