Coverage of ICBA’s thoughts on the NDP Government’s 2019/20 BC Budget:

  • Jordan Bateman’s op-ed in The Orca: “Housing starts are a leading indicator for the provincial economy. Buried deep in the budget documents is a concerning stat: starts will drop a third from 43,664 in 2017 to 30,517 in 2021. This undercuts the NDP’s professed desire for housing affordability by limiting supply. It also puts thousands of construction jobs at risk.”
  • Sooke News: “As economic storm clouds gather on the horizon, the NDP Government’s 2019/20 B.C. Budget offers nothing to help construction and responsible resource development companies prepare for any looming downturn.”
  • Voice Online: ““Around the world, prudent leaders are preparing for the next downturn as economic warning lights pop on,” said Jordan Bateman, ICBA’s VP-Communications. “But in B.C., the NDP Government thinks economic growth will continue on happily for at least the next three years –and are taxing, borrowing and spending like mad.”
  • Georgia Straight: ““This budget re-announces a lot of last year’s measures and pre-announces a lot of next year’s, like changes to child tax credits,” Bateman said. “There was very little for today, and nothing to give the construction industry—which powers the B.C. economy—any comfort.”
  • Sing Tao (Chinese): “Bateman said that the reduction in housing construction means that the construction workload is reduced and the PTT income should be reduced. He believes that the provincial government is killing the market.”
  • Special  #BCPOLI Hotstove, live from the budget lockup: