Prop rep Australia is a revolving door of governments and prime ministers. Five Prime Ministers in 11 years – with none making it to an election before being ousted by the coalitions they tried to form.

This is the great lie of the B.C. prop rep supporters: that somehow their system will magically render good, consensus-led governments. The opposite is true.

Australia is “a soap opera of political intrigue, with leaders nervously eyeing caucus rivals keen on mounting a challenge.” It took more than a week of backroom deals to sort out who won the 2016 election.

“Australian legislators have developed a taste for knifing rivals that would impress Roman emperors. Proportional representation inspires such feelings, given how a smattering of seats can nonetheless deliver great influence.”

Let’s keep this prop rep blunder down under – and not make the same mistake here in B.C.

Yet another reason to Stop Prop Rep!

Pass this post on to your friends and family – David Eby’s draconian, anti-free speech rules won’t allow us to advertise it, but individuals can spread it as much as they like. Let’s make sure every British Columbian sees it.

And stay tuned for more “Tales of Prop Rep Horror”…

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