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Crews often work long hours with odd schedules in physically demanding and challenging conditions. Finding quality accommodations for your work crews is not an easy task, yet it’s important for employee morale and engagement, making it a key factor for recruiting and retaining that top talent. Not to mention the impact on worker health, safety, and productivity.

While crews might not always have a choice as to where they work, now there are more options for whereto stay while they work. Check out some highlights of modern life and amenities at hotels and worker camps and gain insight into your crew’s experiences.

Things to consider: Camps

  • Comfort – Just because crews are away from home doesn’t mean they don’t value a good meal or a place to relax so that they can refuel after a demanding shift. Camps with a selection of food options, including after-hours meal service and bagged lunches are always popular with crews which work in night and day shifts.
  • Connectivity – Frequently, these workers are away from family and friends, so connectivity is important to ensure they don’t feel isolated. Internet access and wi-fi help ensure your teams can keep in touch and stay up-to-speed with home life.
  • Community – Camps are often located in more remote locations, so spaces and activities that help bring crew members together with friends help boost morale. Whether it’s a group workout in the lodge gym or a game of pool or foosball in the lounge, recreational spaces allow crews a chance to build relationships and have fun while away from home.

Things to consider: Hotels

  • Location – Hotels are often closer than camps to urban areas, giving workers more options for food and activities, especially in their free time. Properties that are close to landmarks, restaurants, or other recreational activities give your team the chance to enjoy the local area in their free time.
  • Amenities – Crews with extended stays may prefer additional amenities more commonly found in hotels. Conveniences like kitchenettes provide an opportunity for a home-cooked meal, and bag storage for early check-ins and late check-outs give your team more flexibility.

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