One of ICBA’s members is almost done an incredible $12 million expansion — and we’re thrilled for them! Check out this note from Sunrise Kitchens:

Sunrise Kitchens, a Surrey-based kitchen cabinet manufacturer, announces the near completion of their $12 million expansion including a significant investment in automated equipment. “The expansion allows us to increase our production capacity to better serve the requirements of the North American West Coast construction and multi-family development industry,” said business owner and CEO Paul Bhogal.

35,000 square feet were added to the existing facility to create a total of 80,000 square feet. This increase will support their transformation towards automated manufacturing applying Kaizen principles along with lean manufacturing thinking, and overall greater value to their customers.

Automated production offers more precision, enhanced efficiency, and a 50% increase in capacity, allowing manufacturing with shorter lead-times, higher quality products, and overall greater value to their customers.

Sunrise Kitchens is proud to have been able to safely continue production throughout the pandemic as well as grow their team to support their expansion and remain delivering products to keep the local construction industry thriving.

Congrats Sunrise Kitchens! If your ICBA member company is celebrating a milestone or significant event, let us know at