ICBA is very proud to announce that our president Chris Gardner has won the 2022 Ragan Wellness Award as Wellness Executive of the Year!

Chris is one of four winners from across North America, and the only Canadian.

When we launched the ICBA Wellness program last year, Chris opened up and told the story of his father’s suicide when Chris was just five years old. He has done dozens of interviews since then, working to destigmatize addiction and mental health in construction and beyond.

This is a big honour.

The Chicago-based Ragan Awards “celebrate the most successful campaigns, initiatives, people and teams in the communication, PR, marketing and employee wellbeing industries. As the leading voice in organizational communications—both internal and external—Ragan Communications recognizes those who create and cultivate best practices.” Ragan has been around for more than 50 years, and is the pre-eminent source of news and training for HR professionals and executives.

ICBA Wellness was a finalist for Ragan’s Wellness Program of the Year Award, and a runner-up for BC Business Magazine’s Business of Good Award (Workplace Wellness division).

Congratulations Chris!