Recently, I was looking through research on the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s website, and came across this men’s mental health statistic I had never seen before:

“New fathers are susceptible to paternal postpartum depression. While up to 10% of men experienced symptoms within six months of their child’s birth, men are not often screened for postpartum depression.”

This is interesting and concerning. But it makes sense when you think of the life change a baby brings, along with the fatigue, wanting to support the mother, and then adding complicating factors for some fathers (such as custody and access when they aren’t together with the mother).

This is an area where more research is happening – but if you’re a new dad, be aware that this can happen, and watch for signs: anger, increase in risk-taking behaviour, irritability, low motivation, poor concentration, etc., and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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