BCCSA_Logo_RGBThe transition has begun when it comes to WorkSafeBC’s discounts and surcharges based on a company’s claim’s record – and the BC Construction Safety Authority wants companies to know there’s help through the transition.

WorkSafeBC’s experience rating system for construction is currently capped at 33.3 per cent surcharge and 33.3 per cent rebate – that’s the amount applied based on a company’s claims history. Starting this year it is shifting and will end up as a 100 per cent surcharge and 50 per cent discount by 2016. The change will align construction with all other provincial industries.

Employers who have fewer serious injuries, and whose employees Return To Work (RTW) sooner after an injury, can earn discounts on their base WCB rate of up to 50 per cent. Alternatively, firms with more frequent and more serious injuries and inefficient RTW systems may face surcharges of up to 100 per cent on their base rate over time.

While the vast majority of construction employers are expected to experience a smooth transition to the new rates (indeed, many will benefit from higher discounts) there are those who will pay significantly more, as the surcharge ceiling is raised.

To help companies prepare for the experience rating changes the BCCSA has Regional Safety Advisers who provide free consultative service. Advisers can visit the jobsite to help employers identify ways to reduce accidents and improve safety. They can also help companies to become certified in the Certificate of Recognition (COR) program.

For companies worried about the cost of doing business, especially in light of the WorkSafeBC premium changes, COR could help. COR is a program that encourages companies to implement health and safety and injury management systems that meet regulatory requirements and maintain them through annual independent audits.

It recognizes and rewards employers through up to a 15 per cent incentive payment that is applied to a company’s WorkSafeBC base assessments. For a COR Certified company with a payroll of $750,000 this means an incentive payment of about $4,800 dollars annually.

Another effective way to prevent injuries and reduce injury duration is to develop and implement an injury management program. The BCCSA can help companies establish and improve their injury management systems through its Injury Management consultation service which provides companies with no cost one-one-one consultation. The BCCSA’s in-house Safety and Injury Management Adviser provides personalized consultation, including job site visits to help employers develop and implement a policy and program that is suited to their company.

You can find out more about how BCCSA can help your company by calling toll-free 1-877-860-3675 or emailing info@bccsa.ca.

ICBA members, like all construction companies, help pay for the BCCSA through their WorkSafeBC premiums.