The TELUS Mental Health Index may measure American mental health, but it provides eye-opening insights Canadians should be aware of. Key findings suggest one in three U.S. workers desire greater control over their health to enhance their well-being. Interestingly, only 23% felt they had complete control over their health, but their mental well-being scored a commendable 79.9, well above the national average.

Alarmingly, 12% of workers consider leaving their current role for improved benefits. Their mental health scores plummet to 58.7, showcasing a stark contrast.

Control over personal health correlates directly with mental well-being. The importance of effective treatment and counselling is undeniable, particularly as workers under 40 struggle more with emotional control. Some 26% of workers rely on medication for mental health, often requiring adjustments to find the right fit.

This reinforces the need for a tailored, science-based approach to medication, highlighting the potential for significant gains in productivity and emotional stability.

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