Our Jordan Bateman gives you the heads-up on Calgary council’s 8-7 vote over building permits, a BC-Vancouver funded daycare facility that is tracking at $4.3 million over budget because they waited too long to start building, and the disconnect between Metro Vancouver’s plan to stop natural gas, and Canada’s plan to sell more internationally.

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Calgary council voted 8-7 to defeat a project to streamline housing approvals from 10 months to 5 – because city staff want to talk about how it fits with the city’s affordable housing strategy, and some councillors felt it didn’t go far enough. Now Mayor Jyoti Gondek will hold a special Saturday council meeting, and the motion will be debated again there. Meanwhile, as politicians fiddle, the household income required to purchase an average home in Calgary is now $156,000, far more than the current average income of $98,000.

After the BC and Vancouver city governments announced $17.8 million in joint grants to build a new daycare facility near BC Children’s Hospital, but took nearly two years to get construction going, they were shocked to discover construction costs have gone up 24%. They snooze, taxpayers lose.

Same gas, different stories. Metro Vancouver is trying to crack down on natural gas to cut GHGs but Canada is out telling the world at the Gastech world conference in Singapore that LNG is a brilliant way to cut GHGs worldwide. SPOILER ALERT: The world needs more LNG!