Our Jordan Bateman gives you the heads-up on building permit statistics, Danielle Smith’s plan to tackle Justin Trudeau, and how the BC Government’s CleanBC plan is hiding numbers showing BC’s economy will take a hit.

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📉 The latest building permit numbers are out from Statistics Canada, and they’re down month-to-month. B.C. saw a 25% dip, and Alberta a 15% drop – both very concerning numbers. This decline was driven mainly by fewer Industrial, Commercial and Institutional permits, but it’s always a worrisome sign to see permit numbers fall.

⚡️ Prime Minister Trudeau’s popularity is at an all-time low, as his government hardens its stance to push Alberta away from oil and gas. In fact, the buzz is that the feds will announce a cap on oil and gas emissions next month. Meanwhile, Premier Smith’s popularity is at an all-time high, as she wears the mantle as Alberta’s economic defender. If that oil and gas cap comes in, you can bet Smith will use every tool in her toolbox to fight this – including Alberta’s Sovereignty Act. Columnist Don Braid thinks Alberta could declare these federal measures null and void in Alberta, refusing all co-operation with federal emissions policy and even law.

💸 The Business Council of B.C. continues to pull at the NDP Government’s CleanBC plan, and the sweater is starting to unravel economically – BC’s economic growth will be cut by a full percentage point, every year, from 2025-2035. This would drive down growth to less than ½ of 1 per cent annually after 2030. But even those meagre numbers aren’t totally revealing – even that little growth number would come from population growth. The per-capita BC economic rate will drop by 1.2% annually — and real annual income will fall by an average of $4,600 per resident due to CleanBC policies. The Eby Government is literally planning to drive B.C. into recession.