Our Jordan Bateman gives you the heads-up on a bad idea for an Edmonton sales tax, a Prince George homebuilder who has had enough of red tape and tax grabs, and Woodfibre LNG getting THISCLOSE to starting construction.

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💸 An Edmonton Journal columnist pitched readers on a 1% municipal sales tax to raise money for Edmonton city coffers. This comes on the heels of Toronto considering a similar tax there. I cannot stress how foolish an idea this is. Ever seen a municipal tax stay at the level they introduce it at? Of course not. This cash grab will just get bigger and bigger every year as city council invents new ways to spend and waste your money.

🏠 Longtime Prince George homebuilder Allen Creuzot explains why homes are so expensive, and it’s mainly bad government policy: red tape, expensive rules, pushing people to more expensive energy sources, and high interest rates. “We’re facing so many challenges,” he said. He’s right: it’s a perfect storm of bad policy and tough economic and labour conditions, and it will make the housing crisis very difficult to solve.

🛠 The $6.8 billion Woodfibre LNG project near Squamish is coming together – finally. A number of prefab pieces are being built, sales agreements have been signed, and FortisBC has started construction of a 50km pipeline to feed it. Looks like 2027 for an operation date. The sooner, the better, we say. The world needs more Canadian clean energy!