🎧 ICBA Alberta President Mike Martens and ICBA BC VP-Communications Jordan Bateman were chatting Wild Rose province earlier today, touching on several topics, including:

🗳 Alberta’s Political Landscape: We discussed the recent election and the commendable job done by Premier Danielle Smith so far in her new mandate.

🧐 BC vs Alberta – Project Approvals & Regulations: We compared the attitudes in both provinces. While B.C. constantly battles bureaucracy, Alberta has a more positive approach, learning from past mistakes and focusing on cooperation and environmental responsibility.

📈 ICBA’s Growth in Alberta: Mike shared exciting news about ICBA’s expansion in Alberta, including a new office space in downtown Calgary and the hiring of new team members.

🗣 Upcoming Event with Corey Hirsch: We’re partnering with the Calgary Construction Association for a CEO breakfast on October 18th. Corey Hirsch, a former professional athlete and mental health advocate, will be the keynote speaker. His ability to connect with construction industry professionals and discuss mental health is truly inspiring. Tickets at www.icbaalberta.ca/ceo.