Inflation and financial stress is taking a serious toll on Canadians’ mental health says a new RBC study – and it’s affecting every generation.

A staggering 72% of Canadians report that money worries are constantly on their minds. This stress cuts across generations – Boomers (48%), Gen X (68%), Millennials (72%), and Gen Z (73%) are all grappling with living paycheck to paycheck. It’s clear that financial strain isn’t limited to just one age group; it’s a widespread concern affecting everyone from our most experienced site supervisors to the newest recruits.

Forty per cent of Canadians and an even greater number of millennials (53 per cent), Gen Z (48 per cent) and Gen X (43 per cent) are stayng up at night worrying about money.

And it’s hurting relationships: Millennials (59 per cent), Gen Z (53 per cent) and Gen X (47 per cent) are reporting a “significant” amount of stress in their relationships.

While construction wages continue to increase – our companies report 6% raises this year, after 5.4% hikes in 2022 – growing tax burdens, skyrocketing interest rates, and reduced buying power continue to worry people. And who can blame us?

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