ICBA’s Wellness Champions sent our staff a piece yesterday on taking time to rest. As a dedicated weekend napper, I wholeheartedly endorse this advice! But rest is more than just as snooze – there is mental, emotional, and sensory rest to consider too.

Mental rest allows your brain to take a break and recharge. Suggestions for mental rest include taking part in a hobby or leisure activity, taking a few minutes away from a work-related task, or just sitting and meditating for a few moments.

Emotional rest gives you space to take care of your emotional well-being. This can include socializing with others, spending time outside, or reading.

Sensory rest is exactly what it sounds like: taking a break from stimulation caused by noise, lights, screens, and more. Dimming lights and turning off your electronics are ways to rest and reset your senses.

Which is best? Well, the rest is up to you!

Each week, ICBA’s Jordan Bateman reflects on what we’ve learned as we participate in ICBA’s Workplace Wellness Program. ICBA’s Workplace Wellness Program is helping more than 100 companies and more than 10,000 construction professionals better understand mental health. This program is free for all ICBA members – check out icba.ca/wellness for details.