My wife is a big listmaker when it comes to summer: things she wants to do, trips, events, parks she wants to visit.

Me? Not so much. It’s part of the privilege of living with a listmaker: I don’t have to make one.

But as the weather turns nice, I received a list of summer tips to help mental health, and while there are some good ones on it, I wanted to amend it, and add a few others…

  • Go outside and get plenty of fresh air
  • Eat a bunch of fresh fruit (BC strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, peaches…)
  • Get a sleep mask so the bright summer days don’t wake you up too early
  • Stay in touch with friends (preferably at a campfire)
  • Limit the time spent on social media and screen time
  • Use that vacation time (and truly unplug)
  • Get near some water – lakes, ocean, rivers, whatever

Huh. That was easy… maybe I’m a summer listmaker after all.

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