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TRAINING THURSDAY: 2018 BC Building Code (Breakfast Session)

Come have breakfast with us on March 18 in Burnaby! Are you up to date on the 2018 changes to the BC Building Code? The changes will impact contractors and businesses, so don’t miss this opportunity to hear about the new requirements from Don Pedde, the Senior Codes Administrator with the Building and Safety Standards Branch. 

The presentation will touch on the new requirements for:

  • accessibility,
  • asbestos,
  • energy efficiency standards (including the road ahead),
  • mid-rise combustible construction,
  • water efficiency of plumbing fixtures,
  • radon data,
  • sound transmission,
  • stairs, 
  • seismic,
  • and a glimpse of the future for tall wood buildings.  

Plus, you’ll learn 1.5 group A CPD Points from BC Housing! And even better, ICBA members are able to attend free of charge! 

Register for this or any of our other upcoming sessions at


Some recent media clips of ICBA fighting for its members by taking PLAs to court:

And some other ICBA news notes:

  • Former Dragon Brett Wilson breathed fire at the ICBA CEO Breakfast (Journal of Commerce)
  • The BC Government wants the Broadway subway to be a PLA project. We’ll fight them every step of the way (Journal of Commerce)
  • We’re worried about the drop in housing starts (Journal of Commerce)
  • We’re the North American Trade Association of the Year (Georgia Straight)

TRAINING THURSDAY: Leading and Managing Organizational Change

Do you feel that change is ever constant and that you’re struggling to keep up? Are you looking for practical tools and approaches that you can take in managing changes that occur? Do you want to successfully lead projects that involve significant changes?

Our Leading and Managing Organizational Change course can help! It will prepare you to manage organizational change and will teach you how to lead and mentor others through these changes. You’ll understand the impacts change has on employees, and what you need to do manage and address any resistance. You’ll also learn practical tips and techniques on how to get your organization or client ready for upcoming changes and impacts. Through a series of hands-on workshops, you’ll develop a deeper understanding on what is involved in successfully adapting to and implementing change, both from a personal and professional perspective.

In this seminar, you’ll:

  • Understand the impact change and transitions have on you and your employees;
  • Learn how to adapt to and be resilient to change, whether the change is from a people, process, or technology transformation;
  • Develop approaches to managing and leading change;
  • Use pragmatic tools to help you with anticipating and addressing resistance to change, engaging with stakeholders, and facilitating change.

Our next session is March 18 in Kelowna, followed by May 27 in Victoria and June 11 in Burnaby!

You’ll earn 1 Gold Seal Credit and 7 Group B CPD Points from BC Housing; for more information and to register for this or any of our other upcoming courses, please visit

NEWS RELEASE: ICBA Wins North American Trade Association of the Year

VANCOUVER – The Independent Contractors and Businesses Association (ICBA) has won six prestigious Reed Awards, including being named the 2019 North American Trade Association of the Year, at a ceremony last week in Austin, Texas.

“This is a tremendous honour and reflects the caliber of work being undertaken by the ICBA team in workforce development, public policy advocacy and communications and marketing,” said Chris Gardner, ICBA President. “It also highlights ICBA’s willingness to fearlessly speak out on policy issues consistently. Winning North American Trade Association of the Year is external recognition of the team we have built at ICBA and all of the hard work they do every day on behalf of our members.”

ICBA also won Overall Best Web Video – Public Affairs for its Big Gas ad, which has been watched more than 400,000 times on social media. Said Shane Greer, co-publisher of Campaigns & Elections and host of the Reed Awards dinner, “Oh Canada: the Overall Best Web Video – Public Affairs went to the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association for their ‘Get Canada’s Big Gas Moving’ ad… We’ve seen it many times now and still laugh every time.”

ICBA’s Big Gas campaign also won:

  • Best International Web Video
  • Best Canadian Web Video
  • Best International Outdoor Advertising
  • Best Canadian Outdoor Advertising

“Our Big Gas campaign caught lightning in a bottle and we’re very proud to see it recognized with these awards,” said Jordan Bateman, ICBA VP-Communications. “Our communications and advocacy work stands with the best in North America and we will continue to strongly, articulately, creatively and passionately make the case for a strong economy and our members’ issues.” Read more

BREAKING NEWS: ICBA Wins 2019 North American Trade Association of the Year Reed Award

We’re the best!

ICBA won 6 coveted 2019 Reed Awards in a ceremony in Austin, Texas, Thursday night – including North American Trade Association of the Year. This is a huge honour. 

ICBA’s “Get Canada’s Big Gas Moving” ad was also a North American champion, winning the Reed for Best Web Video – Overall. When ICBA VP-Communications accepted the trophies, the ceremony host actually broke format to call the Big Gas ad, “genius.” 

Besides Trade Association of the Year and Best Web Video – Overall, ICBA won for:

  • Best International Web Video (a category which includes all international campaigns outside the U.S.) for our Big Gas ad
  • Best Canadian Web Video for our Big Gas ad
  • Best International Outdoor Advertising (a category which includes all international campaigns outside the U.S.) for our Big Gas movie poster
  • Best Canadian Outdoor Advertising for our Big Gas movie poster

The Reed Awards, named after Campaigns & Elections founder and campaign marketing pioneer Stanley Foster Reed, embody excellence in political campaigning, campaign management, political consulting and political design, grassroots & advocacy. Reed Award winners represent the very best the political campaign industry has to offer.

“Getting designated as a Reed Award Finalist is extraordinarily difficult,” said Shane D’Aprile, Co-Publisher, Campaigns & Elections, before the ceremony. “Thousands of entries compete, but very few make the cut. That’s how it should be in the most exacting award the campaign industry has. So when you encounter a Reed Award Finalist you know one thing for certain, they produce work that’s head and shoulders above the competition.”

This brings ICBA’s total to 9 Reed Awards over the past two years. In 2018, ICBA won 3 Reeds for our Site C/pink slip campaign (Best Canadian Online Ad Campaign, Best Canadian Use of Outdoor Advertising, and Best International Use of Outdoor Advertising). 

Winning North American Trade Association of the Year is another indicator of the exceptional team we have at ICBA and all our hard work, advocacy, and support for our members.

TRAINING THURSDAY: ICBA’s Blueprint Reading Courses

Reading blueprints is an essential skill in construction! We want to give you a solid foundation in this fundamental skill with our upcoming workshops.

Our next Introduction to Blueprint Reading course is in Abbotsford on March 20; you’ll learn how to read sets of residential and commercial blueprints, making this course suitable for all construction professionals.

Among the topics covered are the design process and the role of design professionals, architectural and engineering scales, understanding specifications, and layout basics.

We’re also bringing this course to Victoria on April 3, Kamloops on April 12, and Kelowna on May 15. You’ll earn 1 Gold Seal Credit and 7 Group A CPD Points from BC Housing.

For full course descriptions and online registration for any of our upcoming courses, visit

OP-ED: The Devil is in the Details of the NDP Spendathon

This piece by ICBA VP-Communications Jordan Bateman was first published on The Orca Feb. 19, 2019.

It was a day of re-announcements and pre-announcements in B.C.’s 2019/2020 provincial budget.

Finance Minister Carole James spent a lot of time recapping last year’s budget measures before dangling a few carrots – mainly for B.C. families – next year. (If you’re a spring election truther, this gives your theory ammunition – the NDP could run for re-election on a child tax break.)

But the clearest message in this year’s budget is that the NDP think B.C.’s economic growth will continue unabated – despite warning signs from other world economies and in our own statistics.

While they post a modest surplus of $274 million on a $59 billion budget spend, the NDP borrow at almost Trudeau-like rates: adding $14.4 billion in new debt over the next three years. That’s a staggering $400 million per month.

Typically, governments borrow in bad times, not good ones. James is taking the opposite tact, which means less flexibility in future years, if the economy turns sour.

Housing starts are a leading indicator for the provincial economy. Buried deep in the budget documents is a concerning stat: starts will drop a third from 43,664 in 2017 to 30,517 in 2021. This undercuts the NDP’s professed desire for housing affordability by limiting supply. It also puts thousands of construction jobs at risk.

Incredibly, despite this one-third drop in new housing, the NDP Budget claims the property transfer tax will remain steady at $1.9 billion per year. This almost beggars belief.

Further, the NDP are predicting a billion-dollar turnaround at both ICBC and BC Hydro. After ICBC lost $1.18 billion this year, they say ICBC will only lose $50 million next year. Further, BC Hydro will move from a $424 million loss to a $712 million profit, in one year. So, brace yourselves for big rate hikes at both.

There was no money in the budget for a Massey Tunnel replacement, no Surrey SkyTrain, no Highway 1 expansion east of Langley. This is where the NDP’s sweetheart deal with its friendly Building Trades Union bites them.

Even the Transportation Minister has previously said this monopoly will add at least 7 per cent to the cost of major construction projects; other estimates from groups like the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses, have been as high as 40 per cent. Instead of trying to stretch every taxpayer dollar as far as it can to get the best value, the NDP Government is continuing its terrible plan to feather their union buddies’ nests. Overspending on a few select projects means no money for these other pieces of necessary infrastructure.

But the biggest issue is the lack of preparation for an inevitable downturn. Asian economies are slowing, and the U.S. is coming back to earth after a couple of years of overperforming. Red tape, higher taxes and roadblocks against investment will affect B.C.’s economic performance.

Winter is coming, but the BC NDP is taxing, borrowing and spending like they don’t have a care in the world.

IN THE NEWS: ICBA on the BC Budget

Coverage of ICBA’s thoughts on the NDP Government’s 2019/20 BC Budget:

  • Jordan Bateman’s op-ed in The Orca: “Housing starts are a leading indicator for the provincial economy. Buried deep in the budget documents is a concerning stat: starts will drop a third from 43,664 in 2017 to 30,517 in 2021. This undercuts the NDP’s professed desire for housing affordability by limiting supply. It also puts thousands of construction jobs at risk.”
  • Sooke News: “As economic storm clouds gather on the horizon, the NDP Government’s 2019/20 B.C. Budget offers nothing to help construction and responsible resource development companies prepare for any looming downturn.”
  • Voice Online: ““Around the world, prudent leaders are preparing for the next downturn as economic warning lights pop on,” said Jordan Bateman, ICBA’s VP-Communications. “But in B.C., the NDP Government thinks economic growth will continue on happily for at least the next three years –and are taxing, borrowing and spending like mad.”
  • Georgia Straight: ““This budget re-announces a lot of last year’s measures and pre-announces a lot of next year’s, like changes to child tax credits,” Bateman said. “There was very little for today, and nothing to give the construction industry—which powers the B.C. economy—any comfort.”
  • Sing Tao (Chinese): “Bateman said that the reduction in housing construction means that the construction workload is reduced and the PTT income should be reduced. He believes that the provincial government is killing the market.”
  • Special  #BCPOLI Hotstove, live from the budget lockup: