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#GET2YES: Make Your Voice Heard: Tell John Horgan He’s Wrong to Stall the Trans Mountain Pipeline

Last week, B.C. Premier John Horgan announced his government would stall the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project indefinitely by convening yet another panel to do yet another study. Many experts believe the B.C. Government is violating the Canadian constitution by exceeding its jurisdiction over this federally-approved project.

Indeed, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, a member of the same NDP as John Horgan, has strongly rebuked her B.C. counterpart, rightly pointing out that B.C. is just trying to stall the pipeline project until it is cancelled.

We can’t sit idly by – today, we launched a new email campaign at to demand the B.C. Government abide by the federal government’s approval of this $7.4 billion job-creating investment.

The B.C. Government’s position is seriously flawed. Here are the facts:

  • The federal government has already announced it will spend $1.5 billion to protect our coastline
  • The science is already settled on diluted bitumen in marine environments – there are no questions left to answer by this B.C. panel
  • Trans Mountain must meet 194 federal and provincial conditions, many of which relate to the environment
  • Green leader Andrew Weaver, whose support is the sole reason why John Horgan is in power today, has said the BC Government should choke out the pipeline project with unfair permit conditions
  • This project spent 29 months under intense review and consultation. There is nothing new for B.C. to add
  • The Conference Board of Canada says this pipeline would generate 678,000 person-years of employment and $18.5 billion in government revenue. B.C. would get 80% of the construction jobs and 12% of the revenue

We need to stand up for this pipeline project, for responsible resource development, and for the construction jobs they create.

Please go to now, and send the email (right side of the page) to John Horgan asking him to scrap this latest delay for this much-needed project. Every email matters!


Jim Anderson

All Canadians will benefit from this pipeline
Any further delays are totally unwarranted The Federal government must push this through immediately.

Thorsten Bredberg

This is again a hypocritical move by NDP politicians: keep our province “clean” but send the young generation to Alberta for work, like most of my friends work there already.


Please go with the pipeline, it is really important and will be safe.

Kevin Sheahan

Get out of the way Mr Horgan. You are totally ‘Out of order’. Your behaviour is downright ignorant.

Robert J. Birnie

It is time for Mr. Horgan to Shut up and stop grandstanding. The pipeline is a very much needed project for B.C. and will have to be built anyway, what the hell is he doing, sucking up to the U.S.A. intrests for more election money again. If that is the case, and I believe it is the NDP will never get my vote again. His ignorance and arogance is costing B.C. residents tons of cash out of pocket and savings for no valid reason. Mr. Horgans show of stupidity is only exeeded by the Alberta NDP acts of stupidity and it is costing millions for the two of them to prove to the Tax payers, how big of a mistake they made in electing NDP goverments.

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