Kerry & Jordan discuss the World Cup (Kerry’s pulling for Portugal), Father’s Day, and our latest course offering – Reading Blueprints.

Introduction to Blueprint Reading

Reading blueprints is an integral part of many construction careers, whether you work in residential or commercial construction. Unfamiliar with how to read blueprints and specifications? We’re here to help!

Our Introduction to Blueprint Reading course is perfect for those who have little or no background in blueprint reading. Here’s what’s covered in this one-day course:

  • Blueprint reading basics
  • Design process and the role of design professionals
  • Building Codes, bylaws and building permits
  • Find trade information using blueprints
  • Layout basics 
  • Architectural, civil, electrical and mechanical drawings, and how they fit together
  • Architectural & engineering scales
  • Floor plans, sections and elevations
  • Symbols, notation, abbreviations and material schedules
  • Dimension, finishes, details, area calculations, and material take offs
  • Understanding specifications
  • Commercial and residential blueprints

Our next session is June 26 in Victoria, and then July 27 in Burnaby. You’ll also earn 1 Gold Seal Credit and 8 Group A CPD Points from BC Housing. 

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