It’s funny how one little thing can sometimes send a day spinning.

Yesterday, I arrived at the ICBA office and discovered our coffee machine wasn’t working. It’s such a small thing, but it threw me for a loop – it was out of my routine, and I felt off.

It’s amazing the power of little things. We feel it most acutely when a little thing goes awry, like a coffee not being ready, or losing our keys, or stepping on a LEGO, or whatever.

But the power of little things can also be used for good. A little change, a little surprise, a little tweak, a little gift for someone else. An unexpected funny text from a friend. A pat-on-tbe-back from the boss. If the coffee machine is down, grab two at Tim Horton’s and surprise a co-worker.

“Small, seemingly insignificant acts are powerful agents of change and growth – if we pay attention to them,” wrote Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval.

What’s a little thing you can do today to make life a little better?

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