Kerry and Jordan talk about Remembrance Day, Jordan’s recent trek to Ottawa, and our featured course:

Strategic Planning for Growth
Gold Seal: 1 Credit + BC Housing: 7 CPD Points
Nov. 22-23, 2023 | 8:30AM – Noon Pacific
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Business success is not an accident, it is planned – yet very few construction companies regularly practice any type of strategic planning. Strategic planning will transform your business. Imagine being able to make better-than-average profits, expand your capacity, ensure success, and build a healthier company. This course was designed to do just that. It isn’t a miracle cure, it’s a program that teaches the fundamentals of strategic planning to construction professionals.

Designed exclusively for contractors, this course is based on a hypothetical, privately owned company whose three principal shareholders have grown their business into one of the foremost mechanical contractors in the province. With annual revenues of $25M, the shareholders recognize that operations and profits are stable and feel that now is a prime time to grow the company to a new level.

In this course, you will focus on enhancing strengths and opportunities and mitigating weaknesses and threats to your company. By carefully working through all the necessary segments, you will learn how to create comprehensive strategic, financial, and business plans. In addition, you’ll discuss a major issue facing contractors today: the forecasted labor shortage by 2030. You’ll identify methods to address this issue in your company and consider how the problem impacts the construction industry as a whole.

Finally, you’ll walk away with a comprehensive course manual filled with the methods and strategies you need for your business.