Our Jordan Bateman gives you the heads-up on labour shortages, government growth, and Canadian competitiveness:

📈 ICBA Alberta president Mike Martens is literally in the news – sorry Mike, had to tease you about using literally in your quote – to talk about the severe labour shortage in Alberta. The shortage is affecting the ability of companies to bid on projects and keep up with infrastructure demands. Factors contributing to the issue include a high vacancy rate in construction jobs, competition from high-paying industrial projects, and an aging workforce nearing retirement. Efforts to address the shortage include increased funding for apprenticeship programs and the “Alberta is Calling” campaign to attract skilled workers from other provinces.

💸 Speaking of ICBA, our Chief Economist Jock Finlayson is in BIV (with Ken Peacock of the Business Council of BC), pointing out that while public sector employment has surged, private sector job growth has been minimal, with only a 2% increase since 2019 compared to a 20% increase in the public sector. This imbalance threatens the sustainability of economic growth in the province, as the private sector is crucial for long-term economic health. Jock and Ken also highlight the high costs imposed on businesses by government policies – costs that have added billions to the expenses of private sector employers, further straining their ability to grow and hire.

📝 Catherine Swift has a piece in The Niagara Independent criticizing Canada’s climate policies and their impact on economic competitiveness. She argues that international climate-related standards, particularly those from the International Sustainability Standards Board, impose complex and costly regulations on businesses. They harm Canadian companies while benefiting foreign competitors not bound by similar regulations.

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